Notarized Translations

What is a Notarized Translation?

A “notarized translation” is a translation of a document from one language to another, that a notary public has attested is materially the same as the original.

In order to get married in many countries, such as Cuba, not only will your documents have to be translated, but those translations will have to notarized. Many translators have relationships with notaries capable of notarizing your translations, especially in a city such as Washington DC. There may even be some notaries public who are capable translators, though you should check out their credentials.

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“Notarized translation” is not the same thing as “certified translation.” A certified translation is useless to you if it is not also notarized if you are trying to get your documents legalized at the Cuban Embassy.

Notarized Translation Not Just a Certified Translation

A certified translation is a translation from one language to another as high quality – it is the mark of a quality translation in terms of translating ability, not necessarily in terms of the accuracy of the content. Yes, it should convey the true meaning of the document, but because certification is a translator certification and not a legal one, it is not enough to show up at the Cuban Embassy (or for any other government body you are presenting translations to) with translations that are merely certified. So make sure you get your translation notarized.

How to Get Your Notarized Translations of Your Documents Legalize at the Cuban Embassy

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