Marriage License in Cuba

Cuban Marriage License

If you are staying at a resort in Cuba – and marrying at the resort – your hotel will usually offer to arrange the marriage for you. Marrying at a resort hotel is the easiest way to marry in Cuba. You will have to take your documents to a notary 3 days before the ceremony and your resort will help you with this.


Marrying in Cuba outside of a Resort

If you are marrying outside of a resort, your Cuban fiance(e) should contact one of the law firms that is allowed to perform marriages so that you can either get legally married at their offices or have them come to you (which will cost more money). Here are the two of the major ones:

  • Bufete Internacional
  • Consultoria Juridica Internacional


Requirements for Cuban Marriage

In addition to your legalized documents, you need to provide a piece of paper which lists both of your names and contact information (in Spanish). Your Cuban partner will have to provide the following documents:

  • Cuban Identity Card
    Divorce Certificate (if the Cuban partner is divorced)
    Medical Certificate stating the Cuban bride is pregnant (if the Cuban partner is a woman and divorced within the last 300 days)
    Marriage and Death Certificates (if the Cuban partner is a widow)

You will need to have two Spanish-speaking witnesses as well. They can be the Cuban partner’s family. The witnesses must each bring:

  • Cuban Identity Card (Cuban witnesses only)
  • Passport (foreign witnesses only)
  • Piece of paper with name and contact information in Spanish


Cuban Marriage Certificate

Once married, you will be issued an unofficial marriage certificate that you can take with you immediately.

  • If you married at a resort, your official certificate will be sent to your hotel later on. Your hotel will forward it to you at their expense if it is not delivered before you leave. (The certificate rarely arrives before you depart.)
  • If you married outside of a resort, you will have to have the official certificate mailed to you or your Cuban partner, unless you are spending months in Cuba and then it may be ready before you depart.


What’s Next?

The next step is deciding where to live:


Green Card for Your Cuban Spouse


Get Married in Cuba

Ensure your Cuban marriage is legal and valid.

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