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Are you an American citizen who is planning on getting married in Cuba to a Cuban citizen? You need to get the process right the first time to save yourself headaches down the road. Imagine spending the time and money to plan a wedding, setting a date and then not being able to marry because you don’t have the right documentation, or you have the right documents, but they haven’t been through the right process. You’ll have to board a flight back to the USA, start all over again and hope that you have the right paperwork.
Don’t let this happen to you.

Service Includes:

  • Obtaining Certified True Copies of Documents from Your State or Province
  • Authentication of the Documents at the State Department
  • Documents Translated into Spanish
  • Legalization of Documents at Cuban Embassy in Washington

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This price does not include government fees, which depend on the State you live in.

Get Married in Cuba

Ensure your Cuban marriage is legal and valid.

We take the headaches out of this complicated process and make sure you start and finish in the right place – Standing happily beside your new bride or groom in Cuba, as the two of you get married.

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Follow the simplified 8-step process to marry a Cuban citizen in Cuba

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Call us or send us an email. We will give a list of the documents you need to get certified, authenticated, translated and legalized to prepare to marry in Cuba.

Gather the documents

You need different documentation depending upon whether or not you’ve ever previously been married

  • If you have never married you will need:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Affidavit of Single Status – a Marriage Search Certificate is not acceptable
  • If you have received one or more divorces you will need:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Divorce Certificate(s)
    • Affidavit of Single Status
  • If your previous spouse died you will need:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Death Certificate
    • Affidavit of Single Status
  • Affidavit of Identity – You need this if you ever have changed your name and it is different from your name on any of the above documents. Your Affidavit of Identity must be less than 6 months old or it will be refused by the Cuban Embassy.

Email or Fax Your Documents to Us

Scan and email or fax a copy of your birth certificate and death certificate (if applicable) to us.

We Will Contact You

You will be contacted within 1-2 business days to ensure that your documentation is complete.

Certification and Authentication

IMMIgroup will

  • Instruct you how to get your documents certified as a true copy by the Secretary of State in the State in which they were issued. Each State has their own procedures for certifying a document. You will normally have to send the original copies along with a fee and the application form, as well as a return envelope. You may also have to go in person (which will speed up the processing time).
  • Tell you how to get your newly certified documents authenticated by the State Department in Washington DC.

Translation and Legalization

IMMIgroup will

  • Take your certified and authenticated documents to a translator to have them translated into Spanish for use in Cuba. Your translations will be both certified by the translator as quality translations and notarized for use at the Cuban Embassy.
  • Take your documents to the Cuban Embassy to be legalized. Cuba has not signed to the Apostille Convention, which the US has, so any government documents must first be legalized at the Cuban embassy in America in order for them to be acceptable in Cuba. We will submit both the English and Spanish documents for the legalization process.

Once your documents have been legalized, they will be delivered back to you.

Prepare for your trip to Cuba

  1. You will need to book a package tour to Cuba. You need to book a package tour because they are included under People to People Exchanges category of permitted travel to Cuba. People to people exchanges are the most common category used by tour operators to enable you to travel to Cuba so if you don’t know much about the travel restrictions to Cuba, you should stick with People to People eligible tours.
  2. Make sure your Cuban fiance(e) has the required documents. These are:
    • Cuban Identity Card
    • Divorce Certificate if applicable
    • Medical Certificate stating whether she is pregnant – if female and divorced within the last 300 days.
    • Marriage & Death Certificates if a widow

    You will also need 2 adult witnesses who can speak and read Spanish. They will need to bring the following:

    • Identity Document if Cuban
    • Passport if foreigners
    • Give their full name and address

Marry in Cuba

Get married to your Cuban partner in Cuba.

Timeline: How long does it take?

Local State Certification State Department Authentication Legalization at the Cuban Embassy
This will depend on the state where you have to certify your documents. Birth and Death records and recent marriage records take between 2 and 4 weeks. Many states certify your documents as you wait if you go in person. This usually takes approximately 7 to 10 business days, but you should always make sure you have a week set aside for authentication and translation into Spanish of the required documents. You should allow at least 4 weeks in order for the Cuban embassy to legalize your documents and for us to send them back to you.

Why is it So Hard to Marry in Cuba?

The Process of Marriage to a Cuban Citizen in Cuba

What You Need to Do in America

  1. Local State certification of required documents in state where they were issued
  2. Federal State Department Authentication of documents in Washington DC
  3. Certified Translation of documents
  4. Legalization of documents at Cuban Embassy in Washington DC
  5. Book a package tour to Cuba through person to person exchanges

What You Need to Do in Cuba

  1. Make sure your Cuban partner has the required documents:
    • Her or his ID card
    • A divorce certificate if they are divorced or a notarized copy
    • If your Cuban partner is female and has been divorced less than 300 days, she will need a medical certificate stating whether she is pregnant or not
    • A death certificate and marriage certificate if your Cuban partner is a widow
  2. Have 2 adult witnesses who are functionally fluent in Spanish.

Common questions

Marriages in Cuba are civil – all marriages take place at the city hall in the municipality where the Cuban partner lives.

  • ID card if Cuban, or Passport if foreigner
  • They will have to give their full name and their current address as well as their document number (passport or ID card)

Yes, if any part of the process is not completed, you will not be eligible to marry your Cuban spouse in Cuba.

Why choose us?

  • We have been helping foreigners marry Cubans in Cuba for over a decade.
  • We have the experience others don’t. We have handled every type of issue people have experience trying to marry in Cuba. You can trust us.
  • Our success depends on our people. Our firm can only prosper and grow when we continually improve ourselves and the service we perform. However, we recognize that success is not measured only by the number of applications approved. We are measured as much by the way in which we achieve our goals as we are by the actual achievements themselves. We believe that an uncompromising commitment to values and integrity is integral to the goals we hope to achieve.
    Our’s core values:
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  • Customer Service
  • Ethical Behaviour and Privacy
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Details

Marry Your Cuban Partner in Cuba

Don’t travel to Cuba unprepared.

We take the headaches out of this complicated process and make sure you start and finish in the right place – Standing happily beside your new bride or groom in Cuba, as the two of you get married.

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Ensure You Can Marry in Cuba

If your documents are not certified, authenticated, translated and legalized you will not be able to marry your Cuban partner in Cuba.

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